The SECOND LEVEL MASTER IUAV permits to design and manufacture new models of pavilions, exhibition spaces, new methods of art exhibition spaces, temporary space, event space.


11 Master Courses

The transmission of the founding principles of architecture, construction, geometry, scaling and energy planning, takes students masterists towards the design of architectures and environments like test-manifesto of linguistic renewal, cultural and social.

The ephemeral architecture is considered here as an architectural wise and as a proposed re-naming of new fields of architectural composition.

The course gives all the latest tools for a figure professionalizing and open national and international scope through a new skill that combines:

  • the architectural and artistic awareness;
  • the technique of application methods of building, reconstructing, re-use;
  • the knowledge of organizational and social dynamics of the industry;
  • a renewal interpretation of contemporary culture.

The technical-scientific aspect of the master joined the new compositional themes of complex geometries, in particular from grammar and patterns of nature.
All the skill gives to the students an added value in deepening of the architectural design of smaller and lighter architectures, fair pavilions, space of exhibit , spaces of art, architecture of shop.

The course covers topics related to architectural composition that explores spatial issues,scaling, modular, geometric project proposing:

  • spatial vectors of complex natural grammars;
  • exploration of the compositional potential present in the natural world, particularly in the spaciousness of the earth line.

If in the course of Architectural Design deepens the foundations of architectural design, during the Architectural Design Fair deepens the specializes scope of fair architecture, expo, art exhibitions with the clear distinction of its specificity compared to other architectures.

Courses Architectural Design and architectural fair design form the LAB, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO real place of work in progress open to the visibility of professors and internal and external experts to the university to offer to the Community debate the meaning of a work continuously deepening. The peculiar aspect of the master is right in the work in the planning progress of each student every week, step by step .An annual unique theme is given by the teachers. In the ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO many students prepare design documents, models, drawings, reflections, writings.

The top industry experts will lessons of how an event is planned today, an exhibition, a temporary shop: they are provided with their visits to trade fairs, international exhibitions such as the Salone del Mobile in Milano, La Biennale of Architecture in Venezia, Milano Fairs , Bologna, Vicenza, Verona.

Course that deepens the structural-constructive environment in the field of complex geometries learned in ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN and ARCHITECTURAL FAIR DESIGN COURSES: will broadcast the programming tools, the engineering and the discretization of the project; they are also taken up the foundations of the structural principles of Cartesian geometry.

Study of materials and materials through the best means of investigation eco-thinking. This course makes use of a deepening of materials technology and production. It also offers a complete overview of the latest scientific research in the national and international scene. Sustainability, recycle and knowledge of industry regulations are the implicit assumptions of the course. It IS expected, all the time of course the master, the free access to Material Connexion, the largest archive in the world online materials.

It considers of great importance the frontier of sound design within the exhibit space, fair and generally in public areas . This material allows to control the perceptual-sensory quality of the space. The sound design is also designed as a sound culture in relation to compositional issues of architectural space.

Lessons that lead the project towards its more sophisticated realization through the investigation of the techniques of the latest lighting design.
It is a tool deepening of the relationship between space and light both natural and artificial. The lessons not only address the technical aspects but lead to the artistic language as a form of communication through evocative images, light stories of icons and symbols facts, moving images.

Course that is closely related to the architectural design of the fair & exhibits as more and more for the specific design of pavilions, stands or art exhibitions.
In particular, the following three forms will be taught:

  1. Architecture as a subject communicator;
  2. The video as a communication tool that reflects on the architectural design;
  3. Fundamentals of project of communication.

In n this course will be transferred the basics for creating drawings, virtual models, simulations, which will be collected during the year and presented at the time of the final master thesis in order to restore the sense of a work in progress on the whole period of the lessons. The student with this course will learn the most innovative design programs as Rhinocerous, Grasshopper and contemporary strategies of form-making, files to factory. Lectures on advanced modeling methodologies with “Autodesk Maya” while on the digital representation “Nextlimit Maxwell Render” and “KeyShot” . Lessons on rapid prototyping with the ‘use of “RhinoCAM” and other plugin.
From our investigation we find that many graduates do not have the tools of demand by the labor.We believe that, while Computational Morphology is not the main course both operationally decisive as instrumental knowledge.

Contemporary history of the Fair and Exhibit Architecture in its finest moments in national and international level.

The lectures of history of contemporary architecture and history of the contemporary art are both of cognitive support to a critical-planning awareness. This is necessary for the complete vision in which it operates, where it is generally strong confrontation with experts at the international level of art and architecture.

For a.a. 2016-17 are planned a series of visits in which the students, now already by tradition, are always invited:

  • Visit Arup_Italia, Milano curated by prof. James Finestone
  • Visit   Bologna Fair  by  arch. Monica Lambertini;
  • Visit   Vicenza Fair;
  • Visit Venice Expo_Aquae;
  • Material Connexion of Milano;
  • Material Village, the Salone del Mobile in Milano 2017 curated by Material Connexion prof.Emilio Genovesi;
  • MaterialVillage, London Design Week curated by Material Connexion prof.Emilio Genovesi;
  • Triennale Milano curated by Prof. Marisa Corso;
  • Visit and conference call for a day dedicated to the master at Milano ASAL_ Assoallestimenti _FEDERLEGNO with invited 350 companies attending in ASAL.

Provided theoretical lessons, theoretical and design and will be the focus of both, throughout the year-long course, the study of architectural design. The year of the master has ordered in two semesters.

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