The SECOND LEVEL MASTER IUAV permits to design and manufacture new models of pavilions, exhibition spaces, new methods of art exhibition spaces, temporary space, event space.

Enter the Master

by Raffella Laezza

Touch Fair Architecture & Exhibit Space TFA&ES

Entries to the Master follow a simple procedure which, however, is to be clarified in its two  fundamental steps:

STEP 1 Prequalification or Application Request to the IUAV Site

From this site:

Registration is only by online procedure through the Internet Point (SPIN) as indicated in the Call for Admission to Master and Advanced Courses a.a. 2017/18.

To apply for admission to the Iuav University of Venice academic year 2017-2018, connect to the “Competitions” link, log in to the reserved area and select the “Admission Application” function.

For this enrollment, a valid document, a curriculum and a portfolio with the most significant works held by the candidate (see Call for Admission to Master’s and Training Courses 2017/18). The portfolio will not have a vote but will be studied by a commission of the TFA & ES master in order to better know the future enrolled.

To properly complete the application, you must pay the admission fee of  50 euro;

The deadline is September 15, 2017.

Following the positive opinion of the Evaluating Commission (the Commission will evaluate the veracity of the data), the candidates who are admitted are required to carry out the registration:

STEP 2 Registration.

Registration, which coincides with the payment of taxes, will be made within the deadlines set by the TFA & ES master or the two dates indicated below.

The total annual amount is 6.000 euro and will be divided into two tranches equal to approximately 50% of the total and payable as follows:

– First tranche: to be paid by the expiration date of the enrollment:  October 15, 2017;

– Second tranche: to be paid following the activation of the master (October 27, 2017) and within three months of the expiration of the enrollment or January 15, 2018 (date to be confirmed by master office to mail


_The downloadable file is available at

  Bando di ammissione a Master e Corsi di perfezionamento a.a. 2017/18 >>


  • Specialist or Master’s Degree in Architecture, Design and Engineering
  • Degree in Architecture, Design and Engineering
  • Graduate Architecture, Design and Engineering obtained abroad that the faculty deems equivalent to one of the above qualifications, for the sole purpose of admission to the master.


Inviando la tua richiesta acconsenti al trattamento dei tuoi dati secondo la legge 196/2003.


Inviando la tua richiesta acconsenti al trattamento dei tuoi dati secondo la legge 196/2003.

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Master: Teaching Area: Master e Career Service Campo della Lana, Santa Croce 601, 30135 Venezia tel (+39) 041.257.2101/1322/2306/1891 fax (+39) 041.257.1003