The SECOND LEVEL MASTER IUAV permits to design and manufacture new models of pavilions, exhibition spaces, new methods of art exhibition spaces, temporary space, event space.


One proposed is an educational path that gives all the latest tools for a professional open to the international area. A mix of artistic architectural expertise and new application methods. New professionals capable of injecting both the artistic architectural sense that the technical scientific to exhibition and fair spaces. A new meeting point between companies and students.

The Master responds to a market demand that requires experts in the design exhibition set up at major Italian companies in the industry, trade fairs, museums agencies, exhibition agencies or architectural firms dedicated to the sector. So that the master can create a necessary relation between attending and companies in the industry, the future career is already built during the academic year through three stages:

First phase: the student will be put in contact during the first semester of the Master with companies, institutions, museums, architectural firms in the industry through the industry experts figures that will make lectures, conferences or receive in their offices attending the Master.

Second phase: is the stage’s phase , internship that approach the student to a more solid relationship, to the benefit of both characters, will be open to the next step.

Third phase: Trade-working, working at premises. Companies that are already part of the Masters are interested in creating a personal relationship with the students with the precise projection towards the continuous phase.

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A.A. 2017/18



Master: Teaching Area: Master e Career Service Campo della Lana, Santa Croce 601, 30135 Venezia tel (+39) 041.257.2101/1322/2306/1891 fax (+39) 041.257.1003